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From our multi-titled Champions and agility super star, ‘Booster’, and out of the high drive, strong hunting, water loving girl, ‘Tricksy’, the Dance litter’s pedigree contains a great combination of terrific working Weimaraners from show and field.


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Dance Litter (2015)

MACH5 Regen’s He’s on the Dance Floor UD RN MXC PAD MJB2 PJD MFS TQX T2B3 ACT1

Hogan (AKA Regen's He's On The Dance Floor) came to Steve & Brenda Basson in Connecticut on June 20th, 2015 as one of eight members of the "Dance Litter” pups.

Steve told Carol (breeder) from the start that he would constantly train Hogan, and he would always be a full member of the family. That means traveling with them, eating well, having birthday parties, getting a little spoiled, and unfortunately getting dressed up as something stupid on Halloween.


From a personality side Hogan is super friendly to people and dogs.  His favorite room in the house is the kitchen. Hogan always has the energy to play.  If he has a toy, he will tease them with it…constantly.  His is very food and toy motivated.


Physically Hogan is a specimen of 70 pounds of poured cement in a gray body and moves around the agility ring like a guided missile.  He knows his job when they enter the ring and performs it to perfection, any errors are typically handler driven.   Outside of the agility ring Hogan shows very controlled energy.  When he sees an agility ring, he undergoes a personality change, and his competitive and performance juices start flowing.


Hogan competes in obedience as well and has a totally different personality in obedience.  He will sit upon a "Halt", but it takes a second or two for his butt to hit the ground. They were practicing a retrieve over the high jump. Hogan picked up the dumbbell, and accidentally dropped it next to the jump.  He picked it up, and did a vertical 26" jump, one inch from the jump.  His athletic ability and speed are off the charts.


Hogan is starting to work in the Field as well.  He has no trouble finding birds, and is learning the trade very quickly.  It is their hope to pursue a JH in the spring. 

Whatever Hogan does, he does at 110%, and nothing less.  That includes sleeping.  When the lights are out, they are OUT.


Currently he has his UD in obedience and three UDX legs. In agility, Hogan has his MACH5, Premier, FAST and T2B Titles. Currently, Hogan is pursuing his Agility Grand Championship. 


His other agility achievements have been at Westminster Agility (3rd in 2021 and 2nd in 2022), 2nd at the 2022 AKC Agility Championship, and most recently he won the 24" class at the AKC Agility Invitational following in his father's pawsteps.  It should be noted that he finished 2nd  at Westminster and at the AKC Nationals to the same Border Collie.


Hogan still retrieves the newspaper daily, and is a great working dog.  Steve and Brenda feel they are blessed to have such a great companion in our family.



Regen’s Belly Dancer UDX3 SWE SCM CGC TKI NRD V (major pointed)

Pinky was a great companion and working dog from a litter where that seemed common.In 2020 She was  number 1 in Placements in Obedience. In  2021 she was the Number 1 Obedience dog being first in Placements and Scoring. She earned a perfect score of 200 in obedience also. In her first novice test she earned a high in trial and Carol was able to watch her do that often through out her trials. One thing that she captured attention with was how wonderfully behaved she was at Carol's work with IDD people.Watching her with them caused Carol to earn her Therapy Dog title in AKC as well. She starred in her class and easily earned her Therapy Dog title. With all her wonderful moments she was still a comic weim as well. She could point a leaf for 30 minutes, steal toys and cookies and beg treats from anyone.
Carol & PInky are still doing scent work and she has a good time out with her mother Tricksy smelling stuff. She clearly could have earned an OTCH but family health issues got in their way.  She is clearly a best friend and companion. Carol says, so many weim people have helped along the way.  We both thank Anne Tyson for helping me to have this litter.

She was raised by Carol Meshon in Pennsylvania and lives with Carol and her dam Tricksy.

Pinky Multi Ribbons.JPG

CH Regen’s Pole Dancer MH17 MHA AX AXJ OF CGC TKI NAVHDA NA Prize III                    

Pleaz is a hunting superstar who is crazy for birds. She is the first Regen Weimaraner to earn a lifetime hunt title with 17 Master Hunt passes with two of them being a perfect score of 10 with over a 93% pass rate and the first poining breed to achievce this tite! Pleaz is a very happy, busy girl who will do anything for food. Along with hunting she has proven herself in the breed ring by earning her conformation championship and earning agility titles.   She passed her NAVHDA NA test at 11 months of age with a Prize III/98.  Her owner, Vicky Edmonds, knew nothing about field work, but as they started training, Pleaz’s natural abilities came out and she is excelling.  Vicky believes that hunting is Pleaz's favorite sport, the minutes Vicky gets her shoes out (she has minutes), Pleaz will grab her collar so Vicky can put it on her.  Pleaz is still the #1 Point Breed to hold the highest hunting titles.  They are actively trialing in agility and have started formal obedience training.  True to her name, Pleaz is very happy girl and always wanting to please Vicky.

Pleaz lives in Arizona with. her owner, trainer and handler, Vicky Edmonds.

Pleaz A Frame.jpg
Pinky Obed Win.JPG


Pleaz Truck.jpg

Pleaz #1 Point Breed highest hunting titles

MACH Regen’s Dance Your Pants Off BN JH MX MXJ

Roux rocks the agility field and finished his MACH at the young age of 2. He’s a super athlete who often runs fast and clean enough to end up with the blue ribbon. They already qualified for AKC Agility Nationals and won Agility High in Trial at the WCA National Specialty in 2018.

He is also talented in the bird field where he easily finished his Junior Hunter with a novice owner/hander. She has trained him so well his last leg was 9s and 10s. He’ll be out in Senior Hunter in the future. Watch for this team!

Roux is owned, trained and loved by Elsa Wagner of Spokane Washington.

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